7 Easy Steps for Becoming a Successful Blogger in Nigeria

7 Easy Steps for Becoming a Successful Blogger in Nigeria

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 01:01 pm

You have one goal in mind for your blog: to be successful. But how do you reach this milestone? Follow these 7 steps to become a successful blogger in Nigeria!

But first, what is blogging in Nigeria?

What is blogging?

A blog is a personal website where you write your thoughts about topics relevant to the rest of the world, give advice, share information and present yourself. 

The content is dynamic as it changes over time, depending on what interests you currently have or want to talk about.

Blogging in Nigeria is not just writing articles though – there are countless possibilities for this activity that can help provide an income! 

  • You could create videos or podcasts instead of text posts
  • Sell ad space in order to earn money from companies who place their ads on your site
  • Offer services such as consulting if you’re knowledgeable enough about certain subjects (such as web design)
  • Become affiliate marketers by creating links between products and retail websites so they pay you per click-through or sale
  • Create your own products and sell them on your site; offer courses or training related to what you already blog about.

Successful bloggers in Nigeria are not only knowledgeable in their areas of interest, but also have a clear vision for the future development of their website – one that is original yet simple enough to follow through with! 

Blocking out time each week to work on this activity will help get you where you want to be faster than anything else could.

The key here is consistency, which means publishing new content regularly (preferably once per day) as well as interacting with others via comments left under posts and social media chats such as Facebook groups. 

It’s all about getting yourself known among those who share similar interests within the blogging community, whether you’re an enthusiast yourself or you plan to make money with the activity in some other way.

Does this sound interesting?

Follow these steps to become a blogger in Nigeria.

Step One – Write about something you’re passionate about

This is one of the crucial steps to become a successful blogger in Nigeria.

When you’re blogging in Nigeria, your passion will shine through. Write about a topic that’s important to you so readers get the feeling they can trust your advice and opinions on it. 

And when this is something you love talking about, even better!

More on this later.

Step Two – Learn how to use blogging platforms

Learn how to use the WordPress platform and blog design software, such as Blogger or Squarespace. 

Start by creating a website on WordPress (the most commonly used blogging platform in Nigeria) and take it from there. 

Many tutorials are available online to help beginners through the process of designing their site.

All you have to do is Google ‘how to create a blog in Nigeria’ plus your desired topic, for example!

Step Three – Start publishing content

Find your niche and write posts that are unique and interesting to your audience.

It’s rare to see a blog in Nigeria that has no niche whatsoever. 

In fact, it’s very common for bloggers with successful sites in Nigeria to have one and this is exactly why – because audiences are drawn towards them!

Find out what your unique selling point is or how you can stand out from the crowd so as not to blend in when blogging. This will help keep people coming back too which means they’ll share posts more often within their social circles online.

Begin writing posts about what you’re knowledgeable in or what interests you the most 

This step of how to become a blogger in Nigeria should be easy if you already know something that other people want to learn more about. 

If not yet then try reading up on trending topics so as not to waste time during this learning curve! 

Set yourself apart with original content whilst still being relevant enough so others can benefit from your insights too.

Create a content calendar and stick with it.

This way you’ll always know what topics are coming up next so can prepare accordingly ahead of time. 

You don’t have to write your posts the night before either; just jot down notes if that works better for you instead so they’re ready whenever inspiration strikes during the day.

And if you feel like you cannot crank out enough content, consider hiring the best content writing services at an affordable price.

Step Four – Promote yourself

Market your blog via social media and blogging communities.

In order to bring the right people to your site, you must make it known online! 

Join groups or follow others within relevant niches so they’ll notice you. 

Make sure not to spam though as this will get you nowhere fast; instead, build relationships with other bloggers in Nigeria by commenting on their posts (without leaving irrelevant links) and sharing yours in return.

Optimize each post by using all available SEO techniques such as keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps blogs in Nigeria rank higher on search engines like Google, thus resulting in increased traffic over time. 

Make use of these tags within every single article you publish since they all contribute to the overall success of your site.

Step Five – Set goals

You need this to become a successful blogger in Nigeria.

Set goals for where you’d like your blog to be in one month’s time, three months’ time, and six months’ long term.

When making new year resolutions, some choose short-term ones whilst others opt for longer periods of commitment which are easier to achieve anyway if kept up over a number of weeks/months. 

Both can work but do make sure to set goals for where you’d like your blog to be in this time frame, whether it’s traffic numbers or earnings.

Step Seven – Don’t give up

The last but not least step on how to become a blogger in Nigeria is not to give up.

Keep at it until success comes knocking on your door! 

Everyone has their own opinion about what constitutes success but one thing remains certain: bloggers in Nigeria who take action towards making their dreams come true will get there eventually. 

It might even happen sooner than you think!

Follow influential bloggers in your niche 

This will help you learn from the best of them while also building relationships with others so you can collaborate together in the future. 

You never know when a contact from years ago will come in handy!

Be consistent 

Make sure to post every week or month depending on your goals and stick to this schedule no matter what happens, even if it means taking time out of other things such as family life. 

This is where most bloggers fail but it’s also something that anyone who succeeds at blogging has mastered over time.

With these simple steps taken into consideration, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a successful blogger in Nigeria too! 

All it takes is hard work and dedication towards making dreams come true which won’t happen overnight for everyone obviously.

However, those who persevere until they reach success are usually the ones who end up having the most fun along the way too!

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