7 Time-Saving Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better

7 Time-Saving Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 09:28 am

Orbit media states that about 53% of bloggers complained of not having enough time to create and promote their content. After starting a blog, you’re hoping to create a professional post, connect with customers and grow your audience. But writing a blog post is time-consuming. That’s why you need tools to simplify the process. 

Blogging tools enable you to work faster and also help to create relevant and informative posts. Some essential blogging tools are Trello, Grammarly, Quora, and many others. These tools will enable you to attend to the entire task on your list, from optimizing your images, key research, blog trends, or promotion. They’ll also allow you to share your content on social media, discover new trends and manage your content.

This article explores the top 7 time-saving tools to help you take your blog to another level. They’ll also allow you to write the best posts that rank higher than competitors.

7 Time-Saving Blogging Tools to Help You Write Better

1). Todoist

Todoist can organize your ideas, task, and suggestion into a to-do list. This tool helps to focus on a task and inform the ones you’ve missed. Todoist allows you to allocate your workloads and daily task with themes and label if you have a big team.

You can create schedules organize tasks in sections, and prioritize your task with this tool. It also allows you to participate in a shared task in a team. Some of the features of this tool are as follows:

  • Allows you to capture and organize tasks within seconds
  • Prioritize the essential tasks and alert you of a sensitive task
  • Free your mental space by sharing tasks with other people
  • It helps you to set daily, weekly and monthly goals
  • Awards you points for completing tasks and using advanced features

No matter where you are, with Todoist, you can review upcoming tasks and take notes on new ones. Everything is perfectly synchronized on all your devices.

2). Evernote 

This tool is super-fast in collecting ideas; you can drop your photos, snippet, webpages, and many more. It helps you quickly gather ideas, make notes, and share ideas that inspire you with images, documents, or audio. The notes can be grouped into any topic or project of your choice.

You can synchronize your notes to your devices with the Evernote tool, enabling you to work anywhere. Since an idea can come at any time and place where you can’t get paper and pen, Evernote is a complete application that you can use for note-taking. Some advantages of using Evernote are:

  • Store all kinds of content like images, pdfs, audio and videos
  • It enables you to organize your thoughts and experience easily
  • It makes content sharing easy

In addition, Evernote detects handwriting; you can transfer scribbles to nice-looking notes. Apart from this, the tool will organize everything you want into a nice collection in no time.

3). HubSpot Blog

This is an excellent tool for you if you don’t know what to publish. About 61% of bloggers say they must draft 2 to 3 headlines before getting the right one to use. If you’re confused about how to structure your title, the HubSpot Blog will help with this task.

All you have to do is to open the tool and add your target keywords in three blank spaces. It will automatically bring up five blog topics you can write on. It allows you to make changes and optimize your titles to your preference. Some features of this tool are:

  • Easy to use
  • It gives analysis and a statistical follow-up to enhance what is working and eliminate what is not working.
  • It makes search engine optimization easy.
  • It enables you to edit your website and create web pages easily

This tool also helps structure your title; you can adjust or optimize the title to suit your need. Another benefit of this tool is that nobody can steal your generated ideas, and it is free.

4). Trello

About 2 million people worldwide use this tool to track their projects. Trello is a time-saving blogging tool that offers a visual way for you to organize projects with your team. With this tool, you can view everything on the project and interact with team members to develop a good task management system. Some advantages of this tool are:

  • Simplify your blog workflow
  • Help save money and increase your productivity
  • Create ways to manage and organize your team
  • Track your expenses and income

To enjoy these features, sign up for the free account, read the tutorials, and you’re good to go. Trello offers already-made templates if you’re unsure how to organize your Trello board. You can cooperate with in-house or external team account holders.

5). WordPress

WordPress can help quickly fix broken plugins, bad updates, or a corrupted source file. The snapshot feature saves your progress before any change is made. So you’ll be back to business just by resetting your website and reloading the snapshot. Advantages of using WordPress include:

  • Ease of use
  • Search engines acknowledge WordPress sites
  • Manage your website from any computer
  • Set up multiple users for your website
  • It doesn’t need HTML editing or FTP software

In a worse situation, when you can’t access your site, all you have to do is use the Emergency Recovery Script. 

6). Quora

Quora is an excellent tool for bloggers to brainstorm content ideas. 20 % of bloggers’ complaint is coming up with appropriate topics. But you can use tools to get creativity and inspiration to write. One such tool is Quora. According to Quora, 300 million people use its platform to ask questions.

It has all you need to engage with people and build a flourishing online business. It has great benefits like brand discovery, blog promotion, and finding new blog ideas, and it helps you reach and understand your audience. Some of the advantages of using the Quora tool are:

  • It enables you to invite people to view your blog
  • Spam protection
  • Free and doesn’t need hosting

Many bloggers use Quora because they can develop a community and market their goods. 

7). Grammarly 

Another Time Saving Blogging Tools is Grammarly.

As a blogger, you need a grammar checker to ensure your post are impeccably written. This tool helps improve your writing abilities by correcting punctuation, grammatical errors, sentence structure, and typographical errors. Similar to Draftable, which highlight difference with redlines, Grammarly also highlight mistakes so you can easily find them and make corrections.

It is like an English professor that stands close to you when writing and corrects any mistake you make. You can access this tool on a browser, and it also works on Google Docs. The advantages of this tool are:

  • Check plagiarism
  • Correct the style of writing
  • Enhance your writing skills
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Available for multiple platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, etc.

This tool allows you to set writing goals and gives you a report on how good you are every week. It comes both in the free and premium versions.


Are you looking for ways to improve your content writing strategies as fast as possible? You don’t have to waste much time trying to generate materials to push your blog to a high rank. 

All you need is a time-saving blogging tool like the ones we’ve listed above. Each of the tools has exceptional features that will meet your needs. With them, you can manage your blog and see it as it grows.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist and content writer for Affinda invoice extractor. Lori creates news and informative articles about copywriting, freelance, and creative writing. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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