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Which Online Trading Platform Is Best In India

Which Online Trading Platform Is Best In India

You can’t help but wonder, which online trading platform is best in India.

Such a question doesn’t come as a surprise though considering the number of trading platforms available now.

But in this article, I will walk you through some of the best trading sites you can use now in India.

In fact, these are the same platforms and apps thousands of people across India have been using to make money online working few hours a day.

Before we embark on this journey, let’s first answer one of the biggest questions:

What to look for on a trading platform

As a trader, what should you be looking for on a trading platform?

There are obvious things like the ability to make you money, which works most of the time. Unfortunately, almost all the online trading platforms promise you to return on investment.

But let’s face it, only a handful of them get to deliver on this promise. Who are these selected few who stand despite the odds?

First, you need a platform that is user friendly. This means that the platform has a shorter sign up process and easy to understand trading interface.

The last thing you want is wasting your precious time trying to learn where the buttons are. Instead, get a site that is easy to learn and use the extra time to learn trading strategies.

Secondly, you need an online trading platform that is secure and regulated. It should be operating within the law, which means, your money is safe. The last thing you want is investing all of your time in a scam.

Thirdly, you are trading online to make a profit, right?

Well, after you have made some money, you need a way to withdraw them, right?

For this reason, you need an online trading platform that supports a variety of payment methods.

For example;

It should at least support popular money transfer methods within India. This way, you can have your earnings within a reasonable time with fewer headaches.

There are more things to consider, but for now, these are the ones you should consider the most.

Which online trading platform is best in India?

Now, we are going to look at some of the best online trading sites in India. I will take a step further and show you how to open an account with each and place your first trade for free.


Let’s get started, shall we?

#1. Olymp Trade in India

Who is Olymp Trade in India? 

Olymp Trade is an online trading platform that offers you a unique chance to turn as little a $10 to profit.

With this broker, you can trade on things like currencies, commodities, as well as for cryptocurrencies among other instruments.

As of the time of writing this article, Olymp Trade has over 25 million user accounts with over $8 million monthly payouts.

Is Olymp Trade legal in India?

Is online trading legal in India?

Online trading is not regulated in India, which means Olymp Trade is not illegal. But this presents a challenge when you have some issues with the company. If that happens, Indian authorities won’t be able to help because they don’t recognize the broker.

Either way, Olymp Trade is safe to use. 


Olymp Trade is a category A member of the Financial Commission (FinaCom). This is the body that confirms the company’s reliability and the high quality of services. 

Moreover, the quality of the platform’s trade execution is certified by the Verify My Trade independent examination.

Why Olymp Trade?

Besides what you already know, here are some other reasons to use Olymp Trade in India.

  • You can start trading with as low as $10. This means that anyone can get started trading online without fear of losing so much
  • All client’s funds are insured through the International Financial Commission (of up to $20K per claim). This means that you can sleep easy knowing your capital is safe.
  • Excellent customer support. Olymp Trade support team is active on social media. Also, the company holds regular contests to support its community.
  • You also get a free demo account. I will show you how to get started just in a minute.

I also have review here.

How to use Olymp Trade in India

To get started with Olymp Trade, you first need to create an account.

Go register here.

olymp trade is the best online trading platfrom in India

Go ahead and click on Start Trading (it is free). 

Alternatively, you can use the Registration button (top right corner).

olymp trade is the best online trading platfrom in India

Provide your email and password. Make sure the email is valid because you will need to verify it.

Alternatively, you can use either Apple, Facebook, or your Google account.

Remember to pick your currency and verify you are over 18.

Next answer to which online trading platform ins best in India;

#2. IQ Option in India

IQ Option is another one of the best online trading platforms in India. Started in 2014, the same year Olymp Trade came into existence as well, IQ Option has since grown into the giant it is today.

Here are the markets you can trade in India;

  • Options
  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Commodities
  • ETFs

Today, the broker boasts over 47 million users with over 1.3 million trades per day. Still, in numbers, over $20 million is withdrawn every month on IQ Option.

What does this tell you?

People are making money on the platform, and so should you. If you are worried about legal issues, here is the answer.

Is IQ Option Legal in India?

Trading with IQ Option is not illegal in India, so you are welcome to open a trading account on the platform, deposit, trade, and withdraw your profits any time you want.

How to register on IQ Option in India

To open an IQ Option account in India, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the IQ Option website using this link 
iq option online trading platform in India
  1. Click on Sign up.
creating account on iq option trading site in india

Provide your first and last names, choose country, your email or phone number, password, and then tick on the box to verify you are over 18.

  1. Verify email
confirming your iq option online trading account in india

Go to your email inbox and locate an email from IQ Option. Open it and click on it to confirm your email.

From there, you will be redirected to the trading room.

You can read more about opening an account here.

Next answer to which online trading platform is best in India…

#3. ExpertOption

ExpertOption is another online trading platform you can use in India.

The company is founded with a vision to create a 100% transparent trading experience for traders like you.

The broker provides easy to use trading platform and spend lots of time providing education for their clients.

As you know, numbers don’t lie.

ExpertOption has over 55 million users with over 30 million trades every month.

Is Expert Option legal in India?

ExpertOption is legal in India. In fact, here is the phone number you can call now 000 800 443 0002 and get your questions answered. Even though online trading is not regulated in the country.

How to get started with ExpertOption

Follow these steps to open an ExpertOption account in India.

  1. Go to the ExpertOption website (use this link)   
expertoption online trading platform in india
  1. Click on Real Account
opening account on expertoption trading site in india

Provide your email and password. Tick the box to accept the terms and click open account.

Alternatively, you can use either your GMAIL or Facebook account.

Wrapping up best trading sites in India

Just to recap, these online trading platforms are the best in India;

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