Start Content Writing Services – Tools to Support You

Start Content Writing Services – Tools to Support You

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 01:10 pm

Technological development and an abundance of choices made consumers more intelligent than ever. Consumers now doubt every ad they see over the internet or television and make more informed decisions. 

It has forced the business community to develop new ideas and find other ways to target their audience without making them realize that they are watching or reading the paid content.

Digital marketing, especially Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, has helped businesses build trust in consumers and encourage them to buy their products or services. 

Marketers use different techniques, but every method and strategy revolves around one key thing; content. The need and importance of updated and regular content have opened a lot of opportunities for writers. 

Join the Content Writing World

Do you have excellent writing skills and want to make your career in the content writing services world? If yes, this world will welcome you with open arms. The only requirement you need to meet is to generate high-quality content. 

When it comes to quality, it doesn’t mean a writer has to use complicated terminologies and exceptional or uncommon words to show off vocabulary and knowledge. Instead, excellent or high-quality content is that which conveys the message and encourages readers to start thinking in a way the writer wants them to think.

There is a misconception in Nigeria regarding content writing, as many believe that everyone who understands and speaks English can become a good content writer. 

Of course, they can – but content writing is an art that needs time and practice to master. However, some online tools can help writers generate noticeable and worthwhile content and sharpen their skills.

Let’s discuss those supporting tools one by one! 


The content creation process usually consists of three key phases; brainstorming ideas, writing & managing, and proofreading. AnswerThePublic can aid writers in the first phase of content writing. 

One of the biggest problems that many newbies and even experienced writers face is that they are short of ideas and which points they should discuss in the content. In that case, this tool could be the writers’ best friend. 

This tool generally helps writers know how people think and what they regularly search on the internet. 

It can help writers develop content according to the users’ search intent. Writing content is difficult, but crafting the content that converts or drives traffic is more complicated. 

However, when you target the search intent, you drive more traffic and encourage them to take actions like buying the products/services/ideas.

Google Docs

After the content outline is ready, now is the time to give words to your thoughts. For that purpose, you need a document creator tool where you can write. It could be a word file, PDF, or Google Docs. 

All of these tools have pros and cons, but Google Docs leave others behind in content writing due to its exclusive features.

Google Docs allows others to check the draft, make some editing, comment on it or give feedback. This online sharing feature makes Docs a preferred choice. 

Besides that, other features like grammar checking, voice typing, dictionary, auto-saving, and translation make it the best option for writers.

Plagiarism checker

Writers have to do some research about the topic to pen down an article. For that purpose, sometimes, they have to go through multiple sources and quote the exact data. 

There is no problem in copying someone else’s words and quotes while mentioning the source. 

However, search engines don’t like it and may not rank the content with a lot of similarities or, in other words, plagiarism. That is why it is better not to plagiarize others’ content.

It is essential to check plagiarism before uploading or sending the content to the client. Whether the content is intentionally or unintentionally plagiarized, it can hurt a writer’s reputation and even leave the client in serious trouble. 

Therefore, as a writer, you must detect and remove plagiarism using the best plagiarism tool available. 

Power Thesaurus

As a Nigerian whose first language isn’t English, you may find some issues with vocabulary and not have the right words to describe some products or even situations. But, don’t worry, this isn’t only your problem. 

Every writer has to face it. However, in this modern world, this isn’t a big problem that can’t be resolved. In fact, dozens of thesaurus platforms and tools have been developed by different organizations to help people find synonyms, antonyms, and appropriate terminologies.

Power thesaurus is an incredible tool whose database is consisted of millions of words and can aid writers to come up with relevant and attractive words.


The next two tools are related to the last phase of writing; proofreading. Proofreading identifies the imperfections in the content and lets writers beautify the content. In proofreading, writers have to make sure that the content is free of errors, whether grammatical or contextual.

To eradicate those errors and make the content error-free, most writers use Grammarly. This tool highlights different issues in the text, including clarity, engagement, delivery, and correctness. 

Besides detecting the errors, it also provides suggestions to solve those mistakes.

Grammarly Premium users can also enjoy plagiarism checking services to make the content unique. However, its plagiarism checker is not reliable enough for professionals. So, is there any trustworthy tool for plagiarism checking? Yes, the next tool on our list. 

Bottom Line

Before you start providing content writing services to your clients, make sure that you are blessed with the writing skills. 

As mentioned above, writing content is tough, but converting readers is more challenging. 

Therefore, you have to use your writing skills and these tools to hook readers, enchant them with your expressions and writing style, and motivate them to make the decisions you want them to make.

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